Styled In the Wild Kitten Grading:
Styled In The Wild (SITW) grades our Toygers on a scale of 1-10. And 10+  and 10++ While many cat breeders define the quality of their kittens as Pet, Breeder, Show and Ultra-Show, or F1 F2 etc. Most customers found this confusing as they were looking for a pet, and had no plans to “show” the cat.  Or had no idea that generations do not necessarily mean the cat is not aggressive Since SITW does not even sell breeding cats, or aggressive cats, these terms were even confusing for us.
People are looking for their perfect pet, and that is what they exactly find in the Toyger.  The distinguishing marks of the Toyger vary individually, and that is why a grading system was put in place.  The most distinctive striping or deep rosette and glitter is a rarity and the pricing reflects the fact that the “perfect” Toyger is hard to find

When a Toyger kitten is born many of the stripes, rosettes, and coloring will often be apparent, but for kittens of a certain linage this does not always hold true.  Kittens go through several stages of development where they evolve over time. All kittens are born with blue eyes, however, as they grow their eyes will turn to bright green, metallic brown, or golden yellow. The Toygers coat, really a pelt, will also experience major changes. After the first weeks they will enter a “fuzzy stage” where their coat loses the bold stripes they were born with, and will fill in with a layer of kitten fur. This is the hardest time to grade the kittens. SITW monitors their looks throughout this time and based on prior knowledge of the breed we know how their pelt will look when they enter the juvenile stage. Even the color of their pelt will change dramatically over the first few months, but usually by week 7-8 we have a very good idea of the permanent coloration. SITW grades the kittens on many factors, not all are based on looks.  Other faults, such as age and temperament are just as important. We know you are looking for a true companion for life, and this has to be the most important aspect of our Toyger breeding program. All our kittens are raised under foot, travel with us, and are reared to loving companions. Toygers’ natural bond with humans shows through with every kitten, as they are bold, fearless, and loving creatures whose owners will enjoy them for many, many years.
not from any fault of the cat.  SITW wants them to go to good permanent homes, knowing they will be loved and cherished as much as any kitten.
Lower grade of kittens may have some faults such as tail kinks, blue eyes, boning issues, fading or faint stripes, ticked fur, and coloration such as too dark or too light.  As the grades increase, the number of faults diminishes, and as you move to the highest grades you will find a near perfect Toyger in both looks and personality traits. This includes strong boning, muscle tone and structure, great continuous pattern, and silk-like fur with heavy glitter. At the highest grades our Toygers become show stoppers where people will literally stop you in the street to talk about your beloved pet.  You will readily notice the differences between these kittens and every other kitten you have ever seen or touched.  It goes without saying the highest grade Toygers will be unlike any cat that you ever dreamed of owning.
Grades and Pricing:
1=$3,000.      2=$3,800.      3= $4,600.      4=$5,400.        5=$6.200.            6=$3,000.         
7=$3,500.     8= $4,000.     9= $4,500.     10= $5000.     10+=$20,000    10++=$50,000.
Styled In The Wild Lifetime warranty:
Over the past many, many years, we have been offering guarantees with various conditions and of different lengths, that far exceeded anyone in the industry, but all of them were based on one key principle: we stand by our customers throughout their
whole time with their Toyger. Therefore, on the rare occasion when one of our Toygers had a serious health issue, we have always tried to help, regardless of whether the guarantee covered it or if the guarantee was even still valid. Most of the time it had nothing to do with the health but the animal was stolen or suffered an tragic accident due to incompetent workers and care providers. With this caveat as our guide. We offer in the first year, a full one-year replacement of your kitten for any accidental death, genetic defect or if the Toyger is stolen, and for the entire life of the kitten (20 years) we offer a 20-year prorated warranty on our Toyger against life causing fatalities which we could have prevented from a more carful screening of genetics.

We have come to realize that your Toyger itself is more important than the guarantee it comes with. We all want to own healthy animals and not have to worry about health issues and how to validate a guarantee. We want you to own the pet of a life time, not worthless promises that have so many caveats that you can’t use it or so short of a time period like most breeders offer a 3-day guaranty... Try to get that kitten in to a vet and labs back… impossible…  We don’t require any of it, as we take the kitten to a highly qualified vet, have it checked and then stand behind their findings and our breeding for the next 20 years. Our contract does not have any fine print, and we believe it should be able to read and understood easily by all parties.

With that in mind, we came to the following conclusions:
While we cannot guarantee that your Toyger remains healthy forever, we can however guarantee that we selected your Toyger’s genes with the utmost care, this is our promise to you! more than anything else, it is the Styled In The Wild brand, and it is our years’ experience of striving for perfection in our kittens, and the honesty and sincerity in our service that insure your kittens’ health and your peace of mind in doing so.
We believe that introducing a daring warranty is the best choice for our customers. and for us. Having such a warranty reminds us that we have long term and huge responsibility to our customers, and ensures that we never lessen our care and focus, and always strive for the best. Styled in the wild’s warranty is an inseparable part of the transaction and your piece of mind. This is not meant to warrant that the cat will not ever have a health problem in his or her entire life. A Toyger's health depends on many different factors out of our control, such as proper feeding, care, exercise and random genetic defects.  These are instances are unpredictable or we have no influence on them and sometimes despite your loving care, and vigilance, accidents happen.  You will be happy to know that we will always be there to help and guide you.  We have found that this truly was the correct thing to do, as this was once our baby and now it is your baby for life